Follow your heart. It knows the way to mine. – Reese

I was due to be put down within hours of being pulled from a shelter in NC. We couldn’t let that happen and didn’t.  Like so many of our southern dogs, she tested positive for heartworm–positive and very sick. These days she is healed–ready and able to report for love!

Reese gets along with most other dogs, just needs a slow introduction. We can help guide you with that. Here she is at home in her current home, part of a 3-pup-pack! She loves kids! Click here to see her play “hide & seek” with one of our wee folk!

Reese is crate and house trained. She is an apt student and loves training! In this video she is showing off her “watch” and “touch” skills! One of our fosters, Melanie, often trains with her at adoption events and is kind of her foster “godmother.” Yes, it takes a pack to help many pups.

If you can’t get enough of Reese–we can’t–here’s one more look at our lass in action!

Ready-set-go! If it is time for your true love story to begin, don’t wait another minute! Come meet Reese at our next adoption event. Click here for our monthly schedule. You may also fill out her application on-line here. Esther or Dallas are also available at 757-583-8777 or e-mail

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