Through a Cat’s Ear, Volume 1: Music for Calming

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Through a Cat’s Ear, Vol. 1 is designed to reduce stress. The soothing, specially designed classical piano arrangements will leave your cat purring comfortably and peacefully, instead of fighting and running from visitors.

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Product Description

Why Music for Cats?

Since the 2008 release of Through a Dog’s Ear music, requests for music specially designed for cats have been constant. As a research-based organization, we’ve demurred; there has been scarce scientific examination of music and sound with cats. However, recent research by Dr. C.A. Tony Buffington (2011, Ohio State University) caught my attention. While studying feline interstitial cystitis (a leading cause of euthanasia), researchers discovered a primary cause of this ailment: stress! Change in the cat’s physical environment—strangers, different food, additional animals, loud noises, illness, etc.—is a major contributor. Cats prefer their homes to be stable and consistent. Acute feline stress turns into chronic irritation, manifesting in disease and behavioral challenges.

Through a Cat’s Ear, Volume 1 is designed to reduce stress in a chaotic or unsettling environment. My sonic toolkit originates from sound therapies with neurodevelopmentally-challenged humans in which tone, tempo, and pattern are considered. Frequency ranges have been adjusted to a cat’s auditory range and a new technique called sonic anchoring is included.

Track Listings

1. CPE Bach/Rondo Espressivo
2. Tchaikovsky/Chanson Triste
3. CPE Bach/Rondo Espressivo (Interlude)
4. Schubert/Sonata in A Major D 959 Andantino
5. CPE Bach/Rondo Espressivo (Interlude)
6. Chopin/Sonata in B flat minor Op. 35 Lento: Middle Section
7. CPE Bach/Rondo Espressivo (Interlude)
8. Schubert/Sonata in A Major D 664 Andante
9. CPE Bach/Rondo Espressivo (Interlude)
10. Ilyinsky/Berceuse Op. 13 No. 7
11. CPE Bach/Rondo Espressivo (Interlude)
12. Gluck/Caprice from “Alceste”
13. Gluck/Andante from “Orfeo”
14. Gluck/Caprice from “Alceste”
15. CPE Bach/Rondo Espressivo (Interlude)
16. Brahms/Waltz in A Flat Op 39 No. 15
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